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In high school, I occasionally caught the movie "Iron Man" while watching TV at home, and I thought that Stark was so cool, so I got the idea of majoring in Compute  Science. I spent four years of university at Southwest Jiaotong University (2015~2019), now studying at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Electronics and Information Engineering Department (2019~now), mainly engaged in machine learning in the image (hologram) processing research.

I am grateful for the four years I spent in the TRIZ lab. I appreciate my teammates for working with me day and night in the summer and winter to develop phased arrays, drones, and self-driving cars. Thank you for my younger siblings' trust, and thank you to my seniors for teaching me PCB drawing, programming, and algorithms, and especially thank you to   Professor Ma, Professor Zou, and Mr. Long and Mr. Wang, who are also teachers and friends in the lab.

I am grateful to my flatmates, my undergraduate classmates. I missed the time when we worked together on web pages, JAVA, C, C++, and lab programming for algorithm classes. Special thanks to my final year design advisor, Professor Xing, for getting me into my first big step in machine learning. Thanks to my teammates in graduate school who worked with me to develop a remote IOT face recognition system and also worked together on the 5G polarization code. Special thanks to Professor Chen and Doctor Xiao Yin, who is currently supervising my postgraduate dissertation. 


Mchine Learning and IoT

Project experience

Research on Optimization Algorithms in Computer Holographic Images

1. Generate holograms based on the Angular Spectrum Method on MATLAB.

2. The quality of the holograms is improved by genetic algorithms (GA), particle swarm algorithms (PSO).

3. A new novel optimization method is proposed to improve the quality of the holograms.

4. Related technologies: MATLAB, Computer-generated-hologram, Optimizaton algorithms, image processing, vide

2019 October - 2020 January


IoT-- Remote Face Recognition System  -- Leader

1. Using the Raspberry Pi's control camera to capture face data remotely.

2. Use OPEN CV to identify faces by comparing faces data in the face database.

3. Send the distinguished information back to the phone via telegram.

4. Related technologies: Python, OPEN-CV, face recognition, IoT, etc.

2017 may - 2018 April

Southwest Jiaotong University

National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Autonomous navigation vehicle based on pattern recognition 

1. Content: Design and build autonomous navigation car-sharing system for self-driving vehicles, and realize one-key car use through mobile phone.

2. Work: Design and build ultrasonic phased array, collaborate to develop APP in the system, LIDAR data acquisition, and processing, assist in image processing for obstacle orientation and approximate speed determination.

3. Related technologies: JAVA, Android development, C++, IoT, OPEN CV, etc.

2017 JULY - 2017 October


Renesas Cup - Quadrotor Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Detection and Tracking System

1. Content: Design and build a quadrotor autonomous aerial vehicle detection and tracking system.

2. Work: Develop communication protocols between modules and writing and debugging of the drone's control system, including PWM capture, mpu6050 sensor, PCB Designed, assisted image processing, etc.

3. Related technologies: PCB, C++, PID, image processing, IoT, etc.

2016 may - 2017 aPRIL



Design of Phased Array Speaker System Based on FPGA 


1. Content: The directional transmission of sound is achieved by controlling the timing of different sound generation arrays through FPGA.

2. Work: Designing D amplifier and system circuits to capture and push the sound and to assist in the design of phased array control algorithms based on the Genetic Algorithm.

3. Related technologies: MATLAB, C++, Genetic Algorithms, PCB design, IoT, etc.

good good Study Day DAY up

Education Background


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University ranked 75th in 2021, QS World University Rankings, is a public, applied research university located in Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Courses: Pattern Recognition, Big Data, Video Technology, Wireless Communication, IoT, Channel Coding.

2015 SEPTEMBER - 2019 JUNE


Computer Science


Southwest Jiaotong University is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and is one of the "World Class Discipline Construction Universities", "211 Project" and "985 Project Advantageous Discipline Innovation Platform".

Courses: C++ programming, Java programming, Search Engines, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Database Principles and Applications, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, etc.

2015 SEPTEMBER - 2021 March


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships!  

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.

1. Hong Kong Polytechnic University Dissertation Scholarship
2. Southwest Jiaotong University "Mingcheng Award" ||Southwest Jiaotong University "Innovation Award.
3. Comprehensive Scholarship of Southwest Jiaotong University||Excellent Student Cadre.
4. National Second Prize of "Renesas Cup" National Student Electronic Design Competition (Captain) )
5. Provincial First Prize of "TI Cup" National Student Electronic Design Competition (Captain)
6. Silver Prize of Sichuan Region of "Internet+" Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
7. Third Prize in the "Challenge Cup" Sichuan University Students' Extra-curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition
8. Third Prize of Chengdu Region of China-US Youth Creators Competition (Captain)

2015 SEPTEMBER - 2021 March


Our efforts can make the world a better place. 

Innovation never ends

1. ZL201720378895.1      A new indoor firefighting Drone system
2. ZL201720553165.0      A new novel Drone system
3. ZL201720302203.5      A kind of detachable contact powered drone
4. ZL201720377133.X      An phased acoustic array system for exhibition broadcasting
5. ZL201720190449.8      A new drone battery replacement device
6. ZL201820219512.0      A new type of circuit switch
7. ZL201821705028.5      A new type of express box system

Learning is never ending

professional skill

2015 SEPTEMBER - 2019 MARCH 


List of skills

Most used in Software: MATLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, Altium Designed, Dreamwave, VSCode, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Word.

Programming Languages Proficiency
C, C++ 90%
JAVA 70%
Python 70%
PS,PR 85%
word 80%
HTML 60%
C# 20%
iOS/Android 10%




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